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Thank you for taking time to find out more about SignCity. Whether you are a current or future customer, potential business collaborator, or one of our many competitors, it’s truly a pleasure to be awarded some of your valuable time.

The purpose of this page is to help you understand who we are, how we grow, and what we are passionate about.

We are a manufacturing company that provides solutions for all types of signage, print, and online customer management. Our customers consist of Corporations, Individuals, Franchises, Trade Partners, and everything in-between. I asked one of my favorite customers to explain what we do and his response was, “You get stuff done”. We can crank out a quick banner, or help bring what you imagine to reality. Confused enough? – Yes, we do about everything. And when we don’t do it, we know who to have you call, because we are making signs for them too.

SignCity sets standards, daily, in the industry by having a clear vision of who we are. We recognize that common people can make amazing things happen with directed effort. We see three keys to growing our “City”: Employees, Customers, and Owners. Each is crucial to success and can’t be overlooked.



“Don’t hire people that work for money, hire people that work for love”. Too often people look for a job they will love when really it’s a choice every single day. Love comes from our hearts and when we give our hearts and dedicate ourselves to what we’ve committed to, we fall deeply in love with what we do. SignCity employees are asked to give their hearts, which is something some people never give away – that’s exactly how we hire. As employees offer their support of SignCity they are rewarded in countless ways: Competent co-workers, continual education, vacation time with no harassment, teambuilding paintball, cash for books, great seats at concerts, trips we never thought we’d go on, end of day feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment, gas money, new drums, new cars, zombie hunting, queen sized beds, healthy confrontation and competitions, meeting amazing customers that become friends, challenged to be better and try new things, opportunities for growth, mud runs, doing something impossible, giving to charity and the list goes on.

Businesses never start without passion, vision, and financial backing. Great owner’s of any business bring money to the table and have the guts to start. Once the deal has been struck, many owners depend on systems, only, to manage and grow their business. We see deeper than this and realize growing people is where money is made and lives are changed. Once the business is running, owners continue to provide a broader range of understanding of where we are headed so we never get lost. With all an owner contributes, they should expect a fair return on investment, mutual respect from employees and customers, and an overall feeling of gratitude and accomplishment from providing a great place to work. No matter how long the asset list of a great place to work, the boss outweighs them all. SignCity and it’s owners aim to provide a phenomenal place to work.

With all the hard work Owners and Employees contribute to SignCity it would never be enough without our long-lasting, blossoming, and newly discovered customer base. Customers support our business, #1, by giving us a chance to compete. When we get the chance to compete we have a high success rate. We’ve found that we have to run to keep up with the great support we get from customers. We expect them to refer friends, family, and business associates. We expect them to pay their bills, and pay fair prices. We expect them to discuss openly their ventures so we can help in the best way possible. In exchange our loyal customers can expect SignCity to treat them fairly, support them on last minute projects, meet insane deadlines, be their solutions experts, and most of all provide a consistent and quality product we stand behind every single day. Customers should get what they asked for and expect to be wowed from time to time by getting more than they bargained for.

By improving ourselves, our service, and our community, we’re providing the best buying experience in the industry.
Thanks again for your time. I truly appreciate all the support


Keith Johnson – President